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To Mend.

I wake up feeling broken. Barely noticing anything around me. My head pounds and my ears ringing. I look down and notice dramatic bleeding coming from my chest. I reach out and scream for help, but I don’t receive any. I desperately reach for the first aid kit lying near me. As I pull out the supplies, a few faces appear, but they don’t know how to help. I start sewing myself up, quickly, yet hesitant, I’ve never done this before. The small crowd cheers me on, telling me I’ll be okay and to keep pushing on. My hand slips, needle pushing into me further, and I roll onto the ground writhing in pain. I decide to give up, and lay there bleeding hopelessly waiting for the end. The crowd keeps telling me to push forward, and keep moving on. Though it almost seemed impossible, I took their advice. I kept sewing the wound until it seemed under control. I had fixed the problem, but the scar will always be there. They lift me from the ground and tell me how much they believed in me. I had done something very difficult; I mended a broken heart. 



Something I failed to see is that she taught me the most important lesson. Unconditional love and trust. Its the love she gave me. And I plan to show it to her too.

I’m kinda done with it

People need to stop telling me my emotions are not realistic.

She sits him down in a stiff chair.
Rubs his back and strokes his hair.
Telling him it’s okay to cry,
But he just sits and stares.

Feel The Tide- Mumford and Sons


Feel The Tide- Mumford and Sons




thank you bathtub barracuda 

this show was on drugs.

Drugs that taught life lessons.

My pants… Need to be outlawed

My pants… Need to be outlawed